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Anonymous said : 1 through 50, pleaseeee? 

Of course hun!

Tell us something about:

1. Your romantic interests - pretty boys n gurls with great fashion sense

2. Your past relationship - it didn’t last long

3. Your current relationship - we’ll see!

4. Your best friend - I have a few

5. Your worst friend - not currently, but it was a girl called Eilidh when I was 16 who let me down really badly.

6. Your parents - have an interracial marriage

7. Your siblings - I have one stinky bro. Nah, he’s good.

8. Your pet - two kitties and a doggy.

9.Your dreams - to travel after graduation

10. Your day dreams - being a performer!

11. Your sleeping patterns - I LOVE sleep. I always sleep in if I can

12. Your eating habits - not great but I do try to eat enough fruit and veg

13. Your hobbies - fashion, discussing feminism, watching cartoons

14. Your hopes - to actually get my degree with honours

15. Your fears - to fail miserably at my last year of uni

16. Your confidence - has its ups and down - although I’m mostly a confident buoyant type

17. Your anxieties - not being accepted, being rejected, falling behind

18. Your greatest adventure - getting to know myself after a long period of anxiety and depression

19. Your worst mistake - dating spoilt white boys, haha!

20. Your emotions - right now, they’re great. I’m happy and relaxed

21. Your thoughts - boyz n cats

22. Your physical ills - I get cystitis a lot

23. Your eyes - grey

24. Your ears - pierced 7 times

25. Your taste - Pringles? Do we mean that kind of taste? I’m eating Pringles

26. Your bad habits - biting my nails and catastrophising minor situations

27. Your good habits - drinking lots of water and taking vitamins

28. Your music - mainly electronic, disco and funk

29. Your writing - seeing as I have a bachelors degree in English, it must be ok

30. Your philosphies - shut up and listen, attempt to empathise

31. Your sexuality - bisexual??

32. Your likes - feminism, cats and food

33. Your dislikes - stubborn ignorance, right-wing politics and no food

35. Your fetishes - boys who wear skinny jeans and who have nice hair and girls with nice lips

36. Your turn-offs - brat-like behaviour

37. Your first sexual experience - Oh God, I was 14

38. Your last sexual experience - Friday!

39. Your fantasies - being in a girl gang with motorbikes

40. Your favourite games - Sonic the Hedgehog for Mega Drive and Pokemon

41. Your favourite books - pretty much seem to mostly feature Postcolonial and feminist topics

42. Your favourite play - give me any Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre and I’m happy

43. Your personality - outgoing, passionate, fun but also grounded

44. Your quirks - my whole existence is one giant quirk

45. Your sameness - whaa? I’m struggling to make sense of this question.

46. Your depression - is currently not bothering me :)

47. Your happiness - is intact

48. Your role model/inspiration - Freddie Mercury who was a BISEXUAL icon guys

49. Your flexibility - non existent.

50. Your clothes - are very much inspired by 80s fashion

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but actually plaid button up shirts with the sleeves rolled to the elbows are universally attractive 

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